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What is the best portable power station?

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Author : Goenerge Official
Update time : 2022-09-30 14:19:13

What is the best portable power station?

As portable power stations become more popular among outdoor enthusiasts, emergency preparers, and professionals, more and more people are willing to carry one or more with them on the go, at home, or work. However, many customers complain that their portable power station is not meeting their expectations. The most critiHowevercal issues were the inability to run their most power-hungry devices, low uptime, and lack of customer support. So what is the best portable power station?


What is a portable power station?

People often confuse portable generators with portable power stations. Even though they sound similar, they are not the same and perform different functions. A portable generator is a machine that converts various types of energy into electricity. Portable power stations, also known as battery-powered inverter or gasless generators, are rechargeable battery-driven source of electric power that is big enough to power your house or your RV on camping trips. Each portable power station has multiple port options, such as AC or wall sockets, USB plugs, and 12V ports, giving it the versatility to charge other devices. Almost all portable power stations are designed to power devices off-grid, but not all portable power stations can be used as portable home batteries that can power parts of a home.

Goenerge portable power station 2000W

What is the best portable power station?

What is the best portable power station? Not to be confused with the best power banks that can quickly charge your smartphone, the best portable power stations are not only powered but also equipped with other features. Whether you need to keep your electronic devices functioning on a weekend camping trip or are looking for an emergency power supply for use at home, there are plenty of models on the market right now. Some portable power stations are rugged enough for outdoor use, while others are more refined and sleek in design. By giving you hours of extra juice on the go, a portable power station is a handy tool you can use, especially in the event of an unexpected power outage.


The best portable power stations have reduced the need for fuel-powered generators. With the development of new energy sources and technological advancements in lithium batteries, portable power stations have become the most popular innovative products. The recipe for a good power station is a large-capacity safe battery with a high-power inverter forming the core. Add a few USB ports in all formats, a car adapter, and finally, ways to charge the batteries with an eye on being fast. Everything has to be enclosed in a hard shell, and the unit is good to go anywhere when the lights go out.

Goenerge portable power station applies BMS battery system to protect the product

Portability, capacity, lifespan, and features of a power station are the main factors in choosing a high-quality portable power station that suits your needs. The type of battery used will have a significant impact on the first three factors.


l Capacity

Our plan to purchase a portable power station is to prepare backup power for power outages, off-grid living, outdoor activities, etc. How much electricity a portable power station can store is measured in watt-hours (Wh). That is, one watt of electricity is used for one hour. The capacity of portable generators on the market ranges from 200Wh to 25KWh. Choosing the appropriate capacity depends on the power of the equipment you need to power and the planned power supply time. For example, the sum of all the equipment for an outdoor activity is 150W, and if you plan to supply power for three hours, you need 450wh of electricity. However, a 450Wh portable generator cannot be satisfied because the generator will lose 10-20% when powering the equipment, so we need to choose a portable power station larger than 450Wh.


l Portability

Most portable power stations use lithium-ion batteries. The weight of lithium-ion batteries is directly related to their capacity. Most portable generators weigh less than 10 pounds. If you buy a portable generator for home backup power, the first consideration is capacity, not weight. However, suppose you are preparing a portable power station for outdoor activities such as RV travel and boating. In that case, you also need to estimate whether the weight is convenient to carry when considering the capacity.


l Safety

The performance of a portable power station depends on the type of battery used. As mentioned above, most of the portable power stations on the market use lithium-ion batteries, the chemical composition of which has been removed from the lead-acid battery in the car, which is safer, lighter, and more efficient. In addition to the type of battery being determined by safety, the portable power station system is also a key factor. For example, Goenerge Battery Management System is built to govern the products' safety structure. With multiple solutions for over current protection, short current protection, over-discharge protection, overcharge protection, over-voltage protection, and thermal protection.


l Warranty

Choose the best portable power station from the product warranty and after-sales service. All rechargeable batteries have a decreasing life span during the charge-discharge cycle. Choosing the right battery type and applying the correct maintenance will help extend the life of your portable power station.


l Multifunction

Portable power stations need to be configured with ports in various formats, such as USB and AC outlets, to meet the power needs of different devices. One of the best portable power stations supports multiple charging methods and is flexible in responding to various emergencies. For example, the Goenerge portable power station supports four charging methods: solar panel charging, AC adapter charging, carport charging, and USBC port charging. Most portable power stations also have app functionality, expandable capacity (i.e., adding battery packs), LED emergency lights, etc. In addition to device configuration, user experience is also one of the factors to consider. During use, the silent state of the portable generator is a significant feature that distinguishes it from other fuel generators.


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