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Factory & Technology
Goenerge portable power station applies BMS high-quality battery and has a professional factory

Professional Solar Generator Manufacturer
Goenerge is a professional brand under our company ZEUAN Technology Co., Ltd. Goenerge specializes in manufacturing, designing, and customizing solar portable power stations. The company was first established in 2013, with an existing plant of 5,000 square meters, fully automated production equipment and a class of 10,000 graded dust-free production workshops, and precise testing instruments. With more than 100 employees, our technical team has more than 10 years of experience in the industry.
Goenerge is the Professional Solar Generator Manufacturer

Since our establishment, we have been committed to producing high-quality and reliable touch screen panels, and have been introducing the latest technology, advanced equipment, and accurate testing instruments. We have established long-term relationships with customers from more than 25 countries.

Goenerge portable power station has high-quality bateery
We always believe that product SAFETY is our top priority. Among all the product development undertakings, we have defined and redefined our product's fundamental build through many tests to guard the front line - BATTERY QUALITY.
Goenerge portable power station applies BMS to protect the devices
Our Battery Management System is built to govern the products' safety structure. With multiple solutions for over current protection, short current protection, over-discharge protection, overcharge protection, over-voltage protection, and thermal protection.
Goenerge solar power station equipped the safest system
This system will monitor each individual cell and battery pack health, which shields the battery safety level and the system, improving the battery life. It is even aligned with the highest battery industrial standard - matching quality with all-electric cars.

Goenerge solar generator is the pure sine wave generator
Electrical power can be graphically depicted as a sine wave whereby the electrical signal alternates from +240 volts to -240 volts at a rate of 50 times per second (50 Hz). Without sine wave power output, microprocessor-based equipment can become inoperative or sustain damage from power signal distortions. 


Goenerge solar generator intergrates solar panels, portable power station and accessories. Goenerge solar generator offers the technical support and warranty Goenerge procides OEM and ODM services for customers
Perfect Ecosystem
Goenerge integrates power stations, solar panels, and accessories, saving you the trouble of finding suppliers alone
First class service
Goenerge provides customers with lifetime technical support and one-year product warranty service so that customers have no worries
Premium Design Experience
Goenerge provides OEM services for customers, if customers need ODM services, we have professional designers to design for customers
Goenerge solar generator gives back to society Goenerge solar generators use high-quality materials Goenerge portable power station with an advanced battery management system
Give back to society
Since its establishment, Goenerge has been adhering to humanitarianism, providing disaster relief, community empowerment, and giving back to the society
Quality stands the test of time
Manufactured from the highest quality ABS plastic, Goenerge product housings are secured and copper plated to each wire inside to withstand tumbles.
Safety first
Goenerge puts safety first, with an advanced battery management system that adjusts voltage, current, and temperature in real-time to prevent overvoltage and short circuits.

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